Компания SigmaSigma Software is one of the largest Nordic it corporations Sigma. In Ukraine, we have over 460 people. The Sigma has about 1700 employees worldwide. Directions Sigma Software provides high-quality it services to customers in such segments as e-business, document management, telecommunications, military industry, aerospace industry, banking, Finance and real estate, as well as in the field of tourism, entertainment and game development. We use those technologies that are currently the most popular and develop with market requirements, mainly: .Net, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, iOs and others. Three main lines of business of company — development and support of software, software development custom, including developing solutions for mobile devices, IT consulting in various fields, especially in the field of electronic business, document management and work with distressed debt. Among our clients: PrismTech, GTECH G2, Formpipe Software, JLOOP, Vergence Entertainment, Volvo, Lavasoft and many other. Our team We are looking for talented people who share our commitment to success. The development of the company depends on our ability to attract, interest and give the opportunity to develop the professionals. So we have the staff try their hand at different projects, visit new cities and countries. We offer opportunities for development and career in our regional offices (Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv) and branches in Poland (Warsaw) and the USA (San Jose). We offer intensive work 8 hours a day 5 days a week and everything that this job involves. We make every effort to work with us was comfortable and that work brings satisfaction and morale and, of course, material. Opportunities for students Sigma Software puts a special emphasis on preparation of younger experts. We cooperate with NTU “KPI” for many years and actively participate in training and development of practical skills in students from the first years of study. For students and graduates of it specialties we offer different programs to start a career in it. In order to start a career in the company and join our team, please send your resume at: or learn more or in a group VK –