NIX Solutions

NIX Solutions is a friendly team of IT specialists of all areas. For 20 years we’ve been putting together interesting projects, learning new things, evolving and growing. Our company has experts in PHP, .NET, Java, C++, Flash, CMS, iPhone, Android, QA, Automation QA. Among us there are successful professionals and young talented professionals who are ready to learn and grow along with NIX Solutions. Many of our team started with the internship, learned the intricacies of the profession under the guidance of our experts and fell in love with NIX Solutions, continued its development with the company. To help gifted students to gain the knowledge and experience needed to work in the IT field, we have built in NIX Solutions Training Center.

The training Center ensures that we effectively collaborated with leading universities of Kharkov and the most involved in students ‘ lives, helping them to achieve their first professional success. Our experts have developed several training programs, through which students can apply the knowledge gained at University, in practice, NIX Solutions. To always be “on one wave” with talented young people, we support interesting projects of universities, assisting in the organization of competitions and Olympiads on programming, presentations and job fairs. We support the first steps in the career of everyone who becomes part of our company. This is one of the most important conditions for our stability.

Cooperation with SEMIT Department  we conduct a long time. It is quite diverse and is aimed at students of all courses. 1-2 the course is presentations and tours of the office, 3-4 we invite students in our educational projects. In the senior years if the student remains in our team Training Center helps him with the tripartite agreement and the public. And at the moment we are developing a system that will allow, starting from the third year, to write the coursework, and then undergraduate projects on the basis of our company. In addition, we are always happy to see our walls of the Department for which we have specially designed training courses.

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