Kharkiv IT Unicorns continues to provide trainings on realization of startups

In October, 2016 Kharkiv IT Cluster set up a project  the Kharkiv IT Unicorns project. It is a series of the training events directed to activization a startup movement in the student’s environment of Kharkiv. The next training will take place on February 23


From generation of the idea to the idea presentation to the investor — from October, 2016 to May, 2017 all students will be able to take part in development of a startup on February 23, at 17:00 in KHNEU, the main building, the auditorium A4, the training on a marketing research within the framework of the project the Kharkiv IT Unicorns will take place.

1. The crash test of the participants’ ideas
2. The report “Marketing research”
— world market of IT today
— difficulties for the Ukrainian segment
— competition
— trends and preferences
— what will be farther
Speaker: Dmitry Petrukhnov, Business development specialist, Artjoker
3. The training “How to find and hold downclients”
— description of target audience
— analysis stages of the market and assessment of market prospects of project installation
— behavioural signs of the market segmentation
— positioning of the ideas
— development of unique selling proposition
Trainer: Ekaterina Larina, business consultant, Ph.D. in Economics. the associate professor of Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, the expert in the field of marketing, designing and advancing of business, for over 15 years of experience in development of business plans of investment projects.


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