Приглашаем принять участие в бесплатном онлайн-тренинге по хранилищам данных и машинному обучению от Google

Online streaming training from Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Join us for an exclusive online-stream event where you can meet the experts, enhance your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) understanding, and accelerate your career from your screen.
This exciting online-stream has been created to help you get started with cloud services such as Google App Engine, Datastore, Compute Engine, Containers, Big Data and Machine Learning.

When? – 20 November
At what time? – 9:30 -17:15⠀
Where? – IT-Univer
9:30–10:00 Welcome: Building What`s Next with Google Cloud
10:00–10:40 Module 1 – Introducing Google Cloud Platform
10:40–11:20 Module 2 – Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform
11:45–12:30 Module 3 – Virtual Machines in the Cloud
12:30–13:15 Module 4 – Storage in the Cloud
14:15–14:45 Module 5 – Containers in the Cloud
14:45–15:15 Module 6 – Applications in the Cloud
15:45–16:15 Module 7 – Developing, Deploying and Monitoring in the Cloud
16:15–16:45 Module 8 – Big Data and Machine Learning in the Cloud
16:45–17:15 Continue learning with Google Cloud
‼‼Necessarily! ⠀Follow the link and register!⠀
https://goo.gl/forms/jQhlpVdghj6uu9Z83 ⠀

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